Prices and Salaries

Here you will find information about the most popular touristic countries of the world. This section will be useful for tourists, migrants as well as for everyone interested in such questions.

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Prices in the Countries

Prices in Russia
Prices in Belarus
Prices in Ukraine
Prices in USA
Prices in Canada
Prices in Mexico
Prices in China
Prices in Japan
Prices in South Korea
Prices in India
Prices in Israel
Prices in UK
Prices in Germany
Prices in Switzerland
Prices in France
Prices in Spain
Prices in Portugal
Prices in Italy
Prices in Bulgaria

Salaries in the Countries

Salary in Russia
Salary in Belarus
Salary in USA
Salary in Canada
Salary in UK
Salary in Germany
Salary in France
Salary in Japan
Salary in UAE
Salary in Switzerland
Salary in Bulgaria