Salary in Russia

Salary in Russia On this page, you will find out about salaries in Russia. I tried to collect the latest and complete information.

You can find the current rate for the Russian rouble on the Internet.

Salaries in Russia are relatively low; however, over the last 10 years, they have been rising steadily along with living standards. However, the costs of living in Russia are increasing too. Especially food is more and more expensive each year.

Notably, average revenue seems to be ephemeral. I will show you how it is calculated by the following example. Four people work at the mill plus director. Two workers earn 10 thousand roubles a month, one worker earns 15 thousand roubles, one foreman earns 30 thousand roubles, and the director earns hundred thousand roubles. The miller average salary is (10000 + 10000 + 15000 + 30000 + 100000) / 5 amounts to 33 thousand roubles. This is approximately how salaries of Russian people can be calculated. Many of them do not even see the average salaries with their own eyes. If you want to understand the situation with salaries in this country better, you should consider these facts.

For better realization, look at the statistics of distribution of amount average revenues of Russian people for 2018.

  • 12% — up to 10 000 roubles
  • 43% — 10 000-27 000 roubles
  • 24% — 27 000-45 000 roubles
  • 21% — more than 45 000 roubles

Currently, monthly average national wage amounts to 46965.

Average monthly wages in Russia classified by professions are presented this way:

Top managers900000 roubles
Officials of a federal level250000 roubles
Auditors170000 roubles
Civilian pilots200000 roubles
IT specialists120000 roubles
Chief accountants100000 roubles
Geneticists80000 roubles
Specialist physicians65000 roubles
University professors60000 roubles
School teachers43000 roubles
Road police inspectors42000 roubles
Builders, engineers, designers40000 roubles
Repairmen38000 roubles
Nurses31000 roubles
Sellers30000 roubles
Waiters28000 roubles
Tax inspectors25000 roubles
Postmen15000 roubles

What is more, working overtime, and unwillingness of employers to pay for study leaves, and sick leaves are very common in Russia. In addition, they often fail to pay whole salaries.