Prices in Mexico

Here you’ll get the most interesting, recent and full information on prices in Mexico that I tried to find. I hope you’ll find many interesting things here.

All the prices are given in Mexican pesos. The actual MXP other currencies exchange rate may be found in Internet.

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Prices in Mexican cities

Prices in the capital and big cities are much higher as compared with other parts of the country. That is to be expected though.

Prices in Mexico

One of main forms of public transport is route taxi, with a fare of 5-50 pesos (depending on distance).

Renting a rather decent car will cost 500 pesos per day.

Taxi ride within the city costs 100 – 120 pesos. The fare is better to be agreed beforehand.

Drinking from the tap is not recommended! The water is of bad quality and there is extremely high risk of contracting infectious diseases.

Food prices

Food prices are almost the same around the country. You can easily find all the necessary things in big cities as there are more stores there.

Below you’ll find average food prices in Mexican pesos.

Milk (1 liter)22
Eggs (per 12)28
Chicken breast (1 kg)91
Salmon fillet (1 kg)380
Onion (1 kg)33
Potato (1 kg)23
Carrot (1 kg)16
Tomato (1 kg)60
Water (2 liters)13
Sugar (1 kg)27
Bread (480 g)34

Housing rent

Renting price in Mexico is not high. Indeed there is a variety of housing options.

Prices in Mexico

Monthly rent for quite a good house will start from 2,000 pesos. In big cities you may rent an excellent house for 10,000 – 15,000 pesos per month, and it will be regarded as the most expensive one by Mexican standards.

A decent hotel room in a big city will cost you 180 pesos per day.

Utility charges are high enough. Gas price is the highest and may reach 800 pesos. Both cold and hot water prices are cheaper (as compared to gas price). Internet is also expensive.

What to bring from Mexico

There are many unusual and interesting things, so you can take what you like both for yourselves and as presents.

1. Coffee, various traditional Mexican candies made of milk, fruits, cacti and guava.

2. Hammocks and other similar things.

3. I would strongly recommend you to buy Mexican spices and sauces to your taste. Be sure to buy more, in case you ran out.

4. Silverware and all kind of jewelry.

5. Hand-made ceramic ware.

6. Different items of obsidian.

7. Scarves, plaids, and sombrero, for sure.