Salary in Belarus

Average wages in Belarus by profession and industry

Salaries in Belarus are collected and published on this page by the industries. We took real income and people and not figures from the state-sponsored propaganda. Also we publish plans to increase income of state workers in the amount in which it was promised by the government of the country.

Minimum wages in Belarus

Minimum wage in Belarus in 2021 year was 375 BYN. In 2019 this indicator amounted to 330 BYN (an increase of 13.5%). The dynamics is shown in the table below.

2016 year239.42 BYN
2017 year265 BYN
2018 year305 BYN
2019 year330 BYN
2020 year375 BYN

We will remind that in Jule, 2016 a denomination took place in the country which reduced the number of zeroes in the local currency. Current 375 BYN s in the old version looked like 3750000 BYN which was extremely uncomfortable in everyday use.

Minimal salary every year is established by the Ministers of the Republic of Belarus’ council in December for the next year. Employers have no right to conclude labour agreements with a less salary indicator than provided by law. This allows to protect the rights of workers and to sustain the level of well-being in the country. At present, the Belarusian rate is close to the similar Russian one in respect to its indicator.

Average wages in Belarus by region

The average wage in Belarus in 2019 was 1117.9 BYN which roughly corresponds to 548 US dollars. Let’s look at real wages both on a nationwide scale and with an analysis of individual regions for 2018. This will show us richer and poorer regions in terms of personal income.

RegionSalaries, BYNGrowth, for the year
The Republic of Belarus959,811,7 %
The Brest Region832,412,2 %
The Vitebsk Region813,512,4 %
The Gomel Region864,611,9 %
The Grodno Region831,311,1 %
Minsk1323,811,2 %
The Minsk Region962,711,7 %
The Mogilev Region804,310,2 %

The largest growth in income was noted in such areas as IT, airplane and passenger transport, mineral industry. The lowest growth in income was noted in agricultural sector and stockbreeding.

Only salaries are used in the calculation of average wages. Additionally, employees receive:

  • bonuses,
  • overtime premium,
  • harmful exposure allowance,
  • long-service pay.

Level of poverty

A minimum wage budget in the amount of 216.90 BYN is established in the country. If a person does not have this wage he is considered poor. So, on average, across the country 5.6% of the inhabitants of Belarus live in poverty. At the same time in the Minsk region this indicator is only 1.2% but in the Brest region — 8.1% which is more eloquent than any words.

Average wages by profession

ProfessionWage, BYNWage, RU
Financial specialists149046750
Transportat sector employees85026675
Aviation employees310097300
Cargo carriers pilots200062755
Architect engineers170053350
Chemical industry workers134042050
Mineral deposits miners197061820
Metallurgy workers103032320
Route taxi drivers100031380
Insurance clerks210065900
Accounting clerks86026990
Collective farmers and foresters55017260
Cultural workers43513650

Structure of the labour marker and in-demand jobs

Having analyzed job openings on Belarusian job sites we have compiled a table of in-demand jobs in the country as of now.

Field of activityVacancy rate
Sales32 %
IT and telecom15,2 %
Advertising, PR and marketing12 %
Production7,2 %
Logistics and transport6,5 %
Finance and accounting6,5 %
Administrative personnel6,1 %
Jobs for those who start a career5,9 %
Real estate and construction5,2 %
Workforce5,1 %
Tourism and catering industry4,7 %
Banks and investments4,1 %
HR and trainings3,9 %
Medicine and pharmaceutics3,0 %

Among the least n-demand jobs are psychologists, translators and lawyers. Universities produce too many personnel in such jobs but real vacancies for them in the country remain scarce. The exception is translators from Chinese and Japanese. They are always in great demand.

Teachers’ wages

Wages of teachers and kindergarten teachers are presented in the table below. As can be seen state employees in this country receive very little money for their work. Even despite the annual promised increases the payment rate remains two times lower than on average people earn in the Republic of Belarus.

ProfessionWage, BYNWage, RU
Kindergarten teachers52016360
Social service workers44013900

Doctors’ salaries

Doctors in Belarus earn less than workers of many other professions. Assisting health workers and middle medical personnel, in essence, live on the verge of survival. And this despite the high social importance of their work.

ProfessionWage, BYNWage, RU
Middle medical personnel68021340
Assisting health workers51016002

Military men salaries

The table below shows the salaries of career officers and employees of the Ministry of Defense. That’s who can really live on a large scale in this country, unlike most of its inhabitants.

ProfessionWage, BYNWage, RU
Senior lieutenant77024160
Troop commander210065895
Squadron commander240075306
Battalion commander310097271
Brigade commander4000125511
Teacher of the Military Academy3500109822
Headman of the higher educational institution3900123773
Senior officer of the Ministry of Defense3700116097
Head of the Department of the Ministry of Defense4300134935
Head of the Directorate of the Ministry of Defense4600144337

At the same time the official salary of the president is about 4,700 BYN (or just over 150,000 Russian rubles). At the same time the average wage of deputies is about 3,520 BYN (or just over 110,000 rubles per month).

Wage income tax in Belarus

Wage income tax in Belarus is 13%. Plus 1% is deducted to the Social Protection Fund. In total 14% is withheld from the employee. At the same time the employer deducts another 34% from each wage to the Social Protection Fund. This Fund later pays pensions, social benefits and sick pays. The total tax burden is 48%. This is 4.8% higher than in Russia.