Russian riddles

Below you will find some old Russian riddles with answers. The answers are at the bottom of the page (do not look there unless you need to use a hint or to check your answer). Hopefully, you will find these riddles interesting.

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1. If you look at it, you’ll cry, but there is nothing as beautiful in the whole world.

2. A slice of bread above your head.

3. A white carrot that grows in winter.

4. It runs and runs, but it can not run away.

5. In the barn there is a haysack: a pitchfork in the front, a broom in the back.

6. A little house that is built with no hands and no axe.

7. I’ll open the barn, I’ll let out a flock of white sheep.

8. In spring it is pleasant to an eye, in summer it cools, in autumn it nourishes, in winter it gives warmth.

9. The little Dorofeyko is short and girded up.

10. No windows, no doors — but it holds a flock of swans.

11. Where the water stands like a pillar?

12. The mother is fat, the daughter is red, the son is so brave he has gone up to the sky.

13. They soaked me, beat me, tore me, twisted me and spread me on the table.

14. I was on fire, I have fed a hundred people, when I got old — I got wrapped up in rags, when I got tossed out of the window — not even dogs needed me.

15. A fox is running near the forest: it can’t be caught, it can’t be seen.

16. You can not get it out of your house, but it leaves willingly when its time has come.

17. A bull with curled-up horns glances at us from above.

18. The old man has paved the bridge without an axe, without a chisel.

19. A lanky man was walking and sinked into the wet ground.

20. Twelve eagles and fifty-two jackdaws laid one egg.

21. A black cow snuffed out all the light; a white one rose and brought it back.

22. It feeds all, but doesn’t ask to be fed.

23. They drink my blood, they burn my bones, they hit one another with my hands.

24. You can’t eat the porrige unless you break the pot.

25. What you love — you can not buy, what you hate — you can not sell.


1. Sun

2. Moon

3. Icicle

4. River

5. Cow

6. A nest

7. Mouth, teeth

8. Tree

9. Sheaf

10. Cucumber

11. Well

12. Oven, fire, smoke

13. Tablecloth

14. Pot

15. Sun

16. Sunshine

17. Moon

18. Ice

19. Rain

20. Year

21. Night and day

22. Earth

23. Birch

24. Nut

25. Youth and old age