Prices in Ukraine

Here you will learn about prices in Ukraine. I have tried to gather the most recent and complete information. I hope you will find new and interesting information here.

All prices are given in Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH). Current exchange rate of the Ukrainian Hryvnia to other currencies you can find in the Internet.

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Prices in Ukrainian cities

The highest living costs are in the following cities: Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Lviv. Thus for a relatively comfortable living in Kiev you will need 14,500 UAH per month, and this is in case you have your own home.

Prices in Ukraine

One public transport journey will cost 8 UAH. In other cities it will be cheaper.

Food prices

Food prices are approximately the same throughout the country. In larger cities it is easier to find the product you need, as there are more stores.

Food prices in Ukrainian

The average prices in UAH for food products in Ukraine are identified below.

White bread (500 g)13
White rice (1 kg)28
Camembert cheese (125 g)88
Feta cheese (200 g)47
Rossijsky cheese (1 kg)217
Turkey fillet (1 kg)152
Chicken fillet (1 kg)95
Chicken mince (1 kg)83
Chicken eggs (10 pcs)25
Beef ham (1 kg)140
Lamb (1 kg)240
Milk (1 litre)23
Butter, 82.5 % fat (200 g)22
Potatoes (1 kg)10
Onion (1 kg)11
Apples (1 kg)18
Oranges (1 kg)31
Bananas (1 kg)30
Persimmon (1 kg)50
Sweet rolls and buns (1 pce)10

Prices for clothing

Men’s jeans you can buy for 650 UAH. For a summer dress you will have to pay 1000 UAH. A pair of good sneakers will cost you from 700 UAH.

Clothing from China and Belarus is cheaper.

Prices for hygiene products

From the following table you can learn the prices for certain hygiene products:

A bar of soap (5 pcs)31
Liquid soap (300 ml)22
Tooth-paste 36
Tooth-brush 65
Laundry detergent (6 kg)182
Shampoo (250 ml)39
Napkin (200 pcs)72

Housing rental and costs

Monthly costs for housing and utilities services (electricity, cold and hot water, water discharge, etc.) strongly depend on the location where you live. Generally these costs range from 400 to 1200 UAH per month.

Prices in Ukraine

The most expensive housing is in Kiev and Odessa. Prices for one month of apartments rent in Kiev are shown in the following table:

LocationOne-room apartmentTwo-room apartmentThree-room apartment
City center9000 — 1100012000 — 1600015000 — 20000
Urban area7000 — 90009000 — 1100012000 — 18000
City outskirts5000 — 80007000 — 90009000 — 14000

Below are identified the prices for renting on daily basis in Kiev. The price is highly dependent on the proximity to the city center. In other cities of the country prices are significantly lower.

One-room apartment250 — 1000
Two-room apartment450 — 1500
Three-room apartment800 — 2700


In Ukraine you can easily find entertainment for every taste and budget. For example, you can go on an excursion of Kiev, which will cost on average 1500 UAH, of Kharkov — 1000 UAH, or of Lviv — 750 UAH. Or you can also visit a museum (the average ticket price for an adult is 40 UAH), an exhibition (the price for one ticket is approximately the same), a cinema (the average price is 60 UAH) or a theater (the price varies from 50 to 200 UAH).

A visit to the Dolphinarium — 200 UAH. To the zoo — from 150 to 200 UAH. To the water park — from 500 UAH.

A lunch in a cafe costs on average 100 UAH. A lunch in a nice restaurant will be more expensive.

What to bring back from Ukraine

1. Salo (lard). Some people like it. The average price is 145 UAH per kilogram.

2. Ceramic tableware. Especially there is a lot of this tableware in the marketplace in Oposhnya (Poltava area).

3. Chocolate and other sweets. There are a lot of unusual treats in Ukraine. You can find them in any grocery store.

4. Wood ware and linen tablecloths. You can buy them in the marketplaces and shops.

5. Wicker furniture. Prices are relatively low and there are plenty to choose from.

6. Dried mushrooms and herbal teas. All these have a very affordable cost.

7. You can also buy the so-called Vyshyvanka (traditional embroidered shirt). Those for men cost 495 UAH, for women — 618 UAH.

8. Dried fish and Odessan gobies in tomato sauce. A very specific treat. Make sure you buy it.