Prices in Israel

Here you will learn about prices in Israel. I tried to collect the most recent and complete information. I hope that you will find new and interesting information here.

All prices are in Israeli shekels. You can find out current exchange rate of the Israeli shekel to other currencies on the Internet.

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Prices in cities of Israel

A month of life costs from 3500 shekels per month, including housing rent. Israel is an expensive country. Life in Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem is the most expensive.

A single bus trip is about 5 shekels.

Food prices

Food prices are approximately the same across the country. In large cities, it is easier to find the right products, because there are more stores.

A good meal at the restaurant costs from 100 shekels.

You can’t buy pork in a regular supermarket (it’s not kosher).

Average food prices in Israel are shown below in shekels.

Chicken eggs (12 pieces)11
Hard cheeses (1 kg)45
Milk (1 liter)6
Sour cream (100 g)1.50
Chicken fillet (1 kg)34
Ground beef (1 kg)39
Rice (1 kg)10
Olive oil (1 liter)45
Cucumbers (1 kg)2.50
Potatoes (1 kg)2.30
Bananas (1 kg)4.50

Clothing and footwear prices

Average prices for clothing and footwear are shown below.

Home slippers15
Straw hat24
Zip-up jacket40
Light scarf20
Warm scarf30
High boots99
Swimming suit120

Housing rent

Apartment rent costs from 1500 shekels per month. Please check the rental agreement carefully before signing it.

The price of housing and utilities is about 500 shekels a month.

A room in Tel-Aviv hotel costs from 200 shekels per day.

Souvenirs from Israel

In Israel, there are many good and cheap products. You can bring many souvenirs from there, both for yourself and as a gift.

1. Medicines that are not available in your native country. Please get the necessary prescriptions before traveling to Israel. If the medicine is sold without a prescription in your country, then in Israel it will probably be available only with a doctor’s prescription.

2. A wide range of high-quality cosmetics.

3. Diamonds. Israel is the world’s largest supplier of diamonds.

4. The Eilat stone. A small pendant with an Eilat stone costs 150 shekels.

5. Natural fabrics.

6. Oriental spices.

7. Hummus (traditional chickpea snack).

8. High-quality kosher products.