Prices in USA

Here you will learn about prices in USA. I tried to collect the most recent and complete information. I hope that you will find new and interesting information here.

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All prices are in US dollars. You can check the current dollar rate against other currencies on the Internet.

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Prices in cities of USA

The the most expensive living is in large cities like New York, San Francisco, or Los Angeles. So statistics show that one should have 128,500 dollars of annual income for a comfortable life in New York.

Prices in USA

The cost of living in Honolulu is also quite high. Food commodities in Honolulu cost 65 % more as compared to the national average.

A subway ride in New York costs $ 3. A metro ride is cheaper in other cities. The situation is about the same with other public transport.

The table below shows how much it costs to rent and buy housing in various US cities.

City and StateRental cost per monthAverage cost of housing
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma849153700
Augusta, Georgia851104600
Louisville, Kentucky812152300
Topeka, Kansas790102600
Palm Bay, Florida1027136600
Huntsville, Alabama804176100
Corpus Christi, Texas996133200
El Paso, Texas814123900
Akron, Ohio73581400
Killeen, Texas912121500
Jackson, Mississippi82490800
Evansville, Indiana75592300

Food prices in USA

The cost of food highly depends on the city. Below are the average prices for the country.

Potatoes (1 kg.)2
Carrots (1 kg.)1.5
Apples (1 kg.)4
Oranges (1 kg.)2.2
Tangerines (1 kg.)2.5
Bananas (1 kg.)1
Grapes (1 kg.)8
Strawberries (1 kg.)2.5
Granulated sugar (1 kg.)1.1
Buckwheat (1 kg.)6
White rice (1 kg.)3
Wheat flour (1 kg.)2
Chilled salmon fillet (1 kg.)30
Eggs (12 pcs.)2.5
Chicken fillet (1 kg.)8
Milk, 1% fat content (1 liter)0.5
Butter (1 kg.)7
Honey (1 kg.)10
Orange juice (1 kg.)1.2
Hazelnuts (1 kg.)24

Clothing prices

Clothing prices in the United States vary greatly and depend on producer countries and materials used. There are undoubtedly brand name clothes but I don’t consider them here.


Rental accommodation and housing costs

An average monthly electricity bill is $ 100. Costs for cold and hot water, water disposal and garbage collection are also quite high.

Food prices in USA

A hotel room or apartment rental costs from $ 50 per day. You can find more cheaper housing in some cities.

The rent of a comfortable villa starts from $ 1000 per day.


Sport is a quite common form of entertainment in the United States. You can find both free workouts and paid ones (the price varies up to $ 300). The average cost of a gym membership is $40. A sightseeing tour of New York City costs from $50. Excursion on the river tram — $30. Limousine ride – $60. Theater ticket – $20. Concert ticket – $ 20-300. A cinema ticket- $10. In addition to the types of recreation above, there are other ways to spend your free time — playgrounds, green parks with trails, national reserves, and places for summer and winter training. Many museums in the United States are free.

Lunch at a cafe costs an average $ of 15.

However, prices in the US vary. A movie ticket costs an average of $ 20 in New York.

What should one bring from the USA

There are enough worthwhile and inexpensive things In the United States. You can bring a lot of things from the country. Both for yourself and as a gift.

1. Technical devices and, first of all, everything associated with computers. Prices for them in the United States are lower than in most countries of the world. I don’t mean all Technical devices.

2. Sweets. There are a lot of unusual treats in the United States.

3. Textbooks and other books in English. It is difficult to buy some publications in other countries, at least.

4. Wallets, bags and other products made of genuine leather. The price of such items starts from $ 100.

5. Comics, including collectible ones. Their price starts from $ 15.

6. Clothing. You can buy here inexpensive and original brand name items.

7. Tiffany&Co jewelry. But their prices are high.

8. Christmas decorations. There are many original Christmas Tree toys in the USA.