Prices in Russia

Here you will learn about prices in Russia. I tried to collect the most recent and complete information. I hope that you will find new and interesting information here.

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All prices are in Russian rubles. You can find out current exchange rate of the Russian ruble to other currencies on the Internet.

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Prices in cities of Russia

The most expensive prices are in the cities of the Far North (Anadyr, Magadan, etc.). Then, prices come in such cities as Moscow, St. Petersburg and Khabarovsk. For example, in Anadyr the cost of living is more than 55,000 rubles a month, and in Moscow it’s more than 46,000 rubles a month. Of course, all these figures are very conditional, because everyone has their own expenses.

Prices in Russia

The most expensive housing is in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Khabarovsk. And, of course, in the cities of the Far North.

For example, renting a one-room apartment in Moscow will cost from 28,000 rubles a month, and in Orel city it will cost from 8000 rubles a month. As you can see, the difference is quite significant.

By the way, with a long-term lease, you will also have to pay for utilities (electricity, cold and hot water, sanitation, garbage collection, etc.).

The cost of public transport varies greatly depending on the city. In Moscow, it goes up to 57 rubles for a single metro trip. If you want to reduce costs, pay attention to transport cards.

Prices in Russia

It is better to order a taxi through apps. Otherwise, the risk of fraud is too high. And be careful, fake money is widespread in Russia.

Food prices

Food prices in Russia are approximately the same, except cities of the Far North, where prices are much higher.

Food prices in Russia

The quality of food in Russian stores is far from ideal. Buying good food is not an easy task. By good food, I mean something meeting the following requirements: fresh, natural, with high quality ingredients (for a number of products), stored properly.

The situation is especially bad with many fruits and vegetables, because they are grown using a lot of chemical fertilizers. Also, GMPs are often used.

There are problems with sausage. Bad products are added into sausage and meat products, in order to reduce production expenses. Alas, this is normal in Russia.

Food prices in Russia

Average food prices in Russia in Rubles are shown below. In fact, many products can be purchased cheaper. In stores, promotions are regularly held, when you can buy food with a big discount.

Sliced white bread (300 g)11
Sliced rye brown bread (780 g)37
Pasta (400 g)14
Buckwheat (1 kg)40
Potatoes (1 kg)19
Carrots (1 kg)21
Cucumbers (1 kg)45
Zucchini (1 kg)40
Milk (1 liter)35
Cream, 10 % fat content (480 g)70
Butter, 82 % fat content (180 g)85
Russian cheese (1 kg)300
Halva (1 kg)90
Chilled salmon fillet (1 kg)1500
Chilled salmon (1 kg)800
Trout (1 kg)450
Pink salmon (1 kg)180
Oysters (1 piece)250
Frozen pizza (1 piece)120
Pink salmon caviar (90 g)150
Sturgeon caviar (50 g)2900
Chicken eggs (10 pieces)45
Chicken fillet (1 kg)140
Chilled chicken cutlets (600 g)117
Chilled turkey cutlets (450 g)170
Sausages with cheese (585 g)130
Big sausages (1 kg)125
Pickled tomatoes (580 g)60
Coca-Cola (2 liters)95
Sugar (1 kg)37
Parsley (50 g)22
Dill (50 g)22
Apples (1 kg)70
Oranges (1 kg)45
Bananas (1 kg)38

Prices for clothing and bed linen

Clothing prices in Russia are relatively low. However, it depends on what kind of clothes we are talking about. For example, a winter mink coat of natural fur costs from 60,000 rubles.

bed linen set 100% linen5000
Men’s underwear200
Socks (5 pairs)100
Men’s jeans1800


Minimum prices are listed below. For example, good seats in the circus cost much more than 500 rubles.

Promenade along rivers and channels700
Lunch in a café for one person800

Souvenirs from Russia

First of all, pay attention to products made of natural stone, amber and wood. Among them there are very valuable items. If you have enough money, then pay attention to Yakut diamonds.

Souvenirs from Russia. Yakut diamonds.

You can buy honey and dried herbs that are useful for your health. You can also buy good cedar and linseed oil. It is recommended to go shopping in safe places.

Do you want to surprise your friends? Then buy dried roach and pine cone jam.