Prices in Switzerland

Here you will learn about prices in Switzerland. I tried to collect the most recent and complete information. I hope that you will find new and interesting information here.

All prices are in Swiss francs. You can find out current exchange rate of the Swiss franc to other currencies on the Internet.

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Prices in Switzerland cities

The most expensive cities in Switzerland: Geneva, Zurich, Bern. The cheapest cities in Switzerland are: Basel, Lugano, Lausanne. Consider this when planning your holiday in this country.

Public transport costs an average of 3 francs. A ticket for a year in Geneva will cost 500 francs.

A month of living in this country, taking into account rental housing, will cost at least 2,000 Swiss francs.

Food prices in Switzerland

Food prices are approximately the same throughout Switzerland. Food prices are quite high.

Lunch at a restaurant for one person will cost from 25 Swiss francs.

Below are the average Swiss franc prices for food in Switzerland.

Cheese (1 kg.)13
Milk (1 liter)1.70
Bread (1 loaf)2
Rice (1 kg.)1.50
Pears (1 kg.)5
Apples (1 kg.)5
Bananas (1 kg.)3.50
Potatoes (1 kg.)2
Tomatoes (1 kg.)1.50
Carrots (1 kg.)1.60
Fillet of beef (1 kg.)25 — 70
Chicken (1 kg.)9
Frozen shrimps (1 kg.)20

Housing rent and utility bills for an apartment

The minimum cost of renting an apartment for a long term is 1000 francs per month. It is rather difficult for a foreigner to rent an apartment; it takes a lot of time.

Hotel room rates are highly dependent on the location of the hotel. So a day in a three-star hotel in Bern will cost from 150 francs.

What to buy in Switzerland

Switzerland has a lot of unusual and interesting things. You can bring many different purchases from this country. You can shop for yourself, you can buy gifts for relatives and friends.

1. Sweets and chocolate bars. Chocolate is very tasty, there are a lot of varieties and there are plenty to choose from.

2. Cheese. Switzerland has many types of excellent cheese.

3. Local food. In general, they are of quite high quality.

4. Men’s business suits and shirts.

5. High quality Swiss watches. Some of them are relatively inexpensive.

6. Swiss medical and decorative cosmetics.

7. Swiss knives. Prices vary greatly (from 80 to 500 francs).

8. Music boxes. Quite an unusual and pleasant souvenir.

9. Swiss gingerbread, they are called «Basler Läckerli» (gingerbread made in the city of Basel).