Prices in China

Here you will find out about prices in China. I have tried to gather the most fresh and full information. I hope you find here new and interesting details and facts.

All prices are indicated in Chinese Yuan. The up-to-date exchange rate of RMB to other currencies you can find via the internet.

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Prices in China cities

The bus is the cheapest type of public transport in China. The average ticket price is 1-2 Yuan. The metro can appear more expensive, as the price depends on the distance. An average short taxi ride cost will be 5-10 Yuan (3 kilometers ride).

The most expensive cities in China are Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing.

The minimum cost of living in Beijing, including rent and other expenses, is 4500 Yuan. In addition, such life will not be the best one, because such budget will make it possible only to rent the room in apartments. In most other cities, the cost of living is significantly lower.

Food prices

Many product familiar to Europeans are expensive in China. In addition, they are not sold in every store. For instance, such products include butter, cheese, coffee, milk, sausage, various cereals, mustard, mayonnaise and honey.

Below you can find average prices in Yuan for food in China.

White rice (500 g)8
Eggs (6 pcs)12
Chicken wings (1 kg)31
Apples (1 kg)14
Oranges (1 kg)17
Tomatoes (1 kg)8
Potato (1 kg)7
Water (1.5 litres)4
Ice-cream (1 pcs)7

Prices for hygiene items

You can find out the prices for some hygiene items from this table:

Toothbrush 2.50
Toothpaste 16.50
Shampoo (458 ml)10
Washing powder (2.5 kg)17

Lease of accommodation and apartment rent

Prices are shown using Beijing as the example: in most other cities, the rent of accommodation will cost less.

A cost of the room in a Beijing hotel starts from 200 Yuan per day.

The average rental cost in Beijing is between 200 and 500 Yuan per month.

The table below shows prices per month for long-term rentals.

Studio apartment in the city center5000
Room in an apartment (city center)3000
Three-room apartment in the city center10000

What to bring from China

There are enough unusual and interesting things in China. You can bring a lot from this country both for yourself and as a gift.

1. Good tea. Prices are lower than in Europe at all. I suggest you to create the list of goods to purchase and find good stores via the Internet.

2. Natural silk. I suggest you to think about purchasing of bedding and clothing sets. In addition, you can buy silk paintings.

3. Technical equipment of famous brands. Many foreign companies have a manufacture in China. For example, brand new laptop will cost twice cheaper than in Europe. It is better to purchase technical equipment in Macao or Hong Kong.

4. Fruits. Mangoes are especially good.

5. Numerous souvenirs and sweets. For example, you can buy pretty dragon lollipops or coconut candy.

6. Cosmetics. It is mostly inexpensive here.

7. Bamboo socks and underwear. Prices start from 20 Yuan per item.

8. Jade products. The most valuable is white jade.

9. Umbrellas and hand fans. They usually cost 60-80 Yuan.

10. Pearl. In China, it is relatively inexpensive.