Spanish alphabet

Here you can learn the alphabet of the modern Spanish language and listen to all the letters online. This way you will not only be able to learn the Spanish alphabet, but also set the correct pronunciation. Everything available here is perfect for children and adults.

The illustration below shows all the uppercase letters of the Spanish alphabet:

Uppercase letters of the Spanish alphabet

Attention! If you came here for audio files of the letters of the Spanish alphabet, they are located at the bottom of the page.

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All Spanish Letters

There are 27 letters in the modern Spanish alphabet. You can see them below.

A a[a]a
B b[be’laɾɰa]be
C c[θe] or [se]ce
D d[d̪e]de
E e[e]e
F f[‘efe]efe
G g[xe] or [he]ge
H h[‘aʧe]hache
I i[i]i
J j[‘xota] or [‘hota]jota
K k[ka]ka
L l[‘ele]ele
M m[’eme]eme
N n[‘ene]ene
Ñ ñ[‘eɲe]eñe
O o[o]o
P p[pe]pe
Q q[ku]cu
R r[‘eɾe], [‘ere]erre
S s[‘ese]ese
T t[t̪e]te
U u[u]u
V v[‘uβe], [be‿’koɾta], [be‿’ʧika]uve
W w[‘uβe‿’ð̪oβle], [‘doβle‿’β̞̞e]uve doble
X x[‘ekis]equis
Y y[i’ɰɾjeɰa], [ʝe]i griega/ye
Z z[θeta] or [‘seta]zeta

In the modern Spanish alphabet: 22 consonantal letters, 5 vowel letters, 5 digraphs. Digraphs are a combination of two letters. Now they stay apart, they are not officially included in the modern alphabet.

The letters W and K are the rarest letters in modern Spanish.

You can see the digraphs in the table below:

Ch ch[ʧe], [se‿’aʧe]
Ll ll[‘eʎe] or [‘eʝe]
Qu qu[ku]
Gu gu[ge]
rr[‘ere], [‘ð̪oβle‿’ere]

Did you know that the first attempt to standardize Spanish writing was made by King Alfonso X. He took the phonetic principle as a basis. Therefore, now Spanish words are spelt exactly as they sound.

Spanish alphabet sounds

Below you can find the correct pronunciation and spelling of the letters of the Spanish alphabet.