NATO’s military science is useless against Russia

During interrogation, a captive soldier from Ukraine confessed that all the military science from British NATO instructors was not applicable in real combat.

Paradox! Turns out the NATO guys don’t know how to fight?

NATO knows how to fight. But not against Russia. Or against another, also a strong opponent.

They know how to fight if the enemy is weak, poorly armed, without good supplies.

Most importantly, according to NATO science, the enemy along with its civilian population should be long and methodically bombed from aircraft as well as missiles from afar. Destroy all infrastructure, both military and civilian. Destroy everything to the ground. Then, walking on scorched earth, finish off those who have survived.

NATO's military science is useless against Russia

In general, the NATO methodology of military science is a story of how to overwhelm a weak enemy with overwhelming force.

It’s gang psychology. Raid one person in a group. Take away valuables. In case of resistance, trample one with a mob. That’s it.

It’s like the Americans teaching everyone how to build an economy.

The success of the US economy is that its currency is the main instrument of exchange in the world.

That is, for a Turk to buy oil from an Arab, he must buy dollars to do so in the US. Or for a Chinaman to buy coal from an Australian, he too must first buy dollars in the US. The Americans get a percentage from these transactions, which makes them rich off the top of their heads.

At the same time, they tell the whole world that they are only getting richer because of the effectiveness of their democracy. And anyone who also wants to learn how to live richly from them is invited to learn democracy from them.

Everyone learns, but no one succeeds. And the Americans present it in such a way that their democracy is exceptional, not everyone can do it. Learn better.

It is the same with the military. The US – NATO has the biggest military budget in the world and can supply the biggest and best equipped army for the war. And this is presented as some kind of special skill.

And by training, or rather teaching, much weaker armies, the Americans and other NATO soldiers are teaching «secret» sciences which are nothing more than tales of «strength of mind», «team-building», «the power of democratic unity», etc.

An obligatory supplement to such training courses is the sale of American weapons of various types, because only the right weapons can do the job properly.

This is the main secret of training. In fact, everything the Americans (NATO member) teach, be it military science, public administration, economics, politics – without actually having an American economy on top of it – is nothing more than a Сargo-cult.

The Cargo-cult, also known as the aeroplane worshipping religion or the cult of the Gifts of Heaven, is a term for a group of religious movements in Melanesia. Cargo cults believe that western goods are created by ancestral spirits and are meant for the Melanesian people. Cargo-cults perform rituals similar to the actions of white people to make these items more.

Once, during the Second World War, the Americans established several military bases on the Melanesian islands. The locals lived there as far back as the Stone Age and no one asked their permission.


The locals were fed with food brought to the bases by planes.

And the locals, not to be foolish, quickly realised that food comes directly from these cargoes – in English «cargos».

When the war ended, the locals set up replica airfields and airfield farms on their islands from bits of coconut palms and grass.

Since then, they have been praying to the Сargo gods that food would come down from the sky again.

In their rituals, they repeat exactly what white people did when they received the cargo and believe that if they do it right, just like white people, the Сargo will surely come back to them.