Interesting about children’s toys in the USSR

How children’s toys «offended» at the beginning of the formation of the USSR

In the very first years of the beginning of Soviet power, children’s toys were undeservedly deprived of attention by Russian manufacturers. The state of our country did not need entertainment and toys, since it was important to cost a new life.

The younger generation of the country of builders of communism was content with either old toys that have remained in families since the time of tsarist Russia, or homemade toys (handmade), for example, wooden toys, cardboard cubes and rag dolls.

Interesting about children's toys in the USSR

Also, often children themselves made toys or played those toys that they already had at hand: for example, they ran around the yard with a ball that was sewn by their parents from rags. Children sometimes designed various riding carts manually using simple mechanisms, and then rocked homemade dolls (dolls made with their own hands) in them.

Children sometimes designed various trolleys for riding and rocking dolls using simple mechanisms by hand. All this was also done with your own hands.

Era of new toys in the USSR

In the thirties of the XX century, the first small artels for the manufacture of children’s toys in the style of «new time» appeared. These were figures of Red Army soldiers and sailors, that is, «descendants» of toy tin soldiers, as well as toy images of pioneers with a flag who hold a horn or drum in their hands.