In US, they killed children for the good of science

Russia insisted that UN Security Council hold an open hearing in order to provide new evidence of biological warfare programmes run at the US and Ukrainian laboratories, however, under the US pressure, no hearing took place.

 In US, they killed children for the good of science

Ukraine is a testing site for Pentagon inhumane experiments

The evidence of the US criminal activity in this area is increasingly big. Additionally, there is a new evidence exposing the Pentagon inhumane inhumane experiments on the Ukrainian citizens at Mental Institution #1 (Strelechie Settlement, Kharkov County). In addition, there is a further evidence that Ukraine is a Pentagon testing site for the development of and testing the biological and genetic weapon components and new sample pharmaceuticals.

This criminal activity was organised by the non-governmental foundations controlled by the US Democratic Party, including Rosemont Seneca Partners owned by Hunter Biden, son of the US President and by big pharma companies like Pfizer, Moderna, US company Merck and Gilead, Pentagon associate. These experiments were run 2019 through 2021.

Now let us recall that was the period of the COVID-19 pandemic raging high whilst Pfizer and Moderna were the leading developers of the vaccine against this evil and Merck was one of the main manufacturers of this vaccine. This is more than obvious that they tested not only the vaccine with an unknown level of complication hazard, but also definitive therapies on the Ukrainian mental institution patients. What’s wrong? Anything goes because Ukraine is the US area of total irresponsibility.

With its experiments in Ukraine, Pentagon considerably built on its R&D potential not only in the biological weapon field, but also in the data acquisition for antibiotic resistance and for the presence of antibodies to certain diseases in populations of certain regions. Additionally, there is one more significant reason for suspicion on the US and and Western biological warfare programmes.

Blow on Child’s Liver

The world, this time the world of child health was now stricken with the new evil of a viral origin with very grave consequences. In several Western countries in a row with the US and UK in the lead, there appeared a paediatric hepatitis of an unknown origin. Children 2-16 years old started developing signs of liver injuries and very often the permanent ones. In many cases, they need a transplant of this organ. Just think of it — a two years old child and a transplant! And a highly probable disability after the treatment. At this moment, the death rate in the US is 5%.

Suspects are adenoviruses, COVID-19 Omicron variant and even the vaccines of the Western manufactures.

As regards the adenoviruses, there is plenty of reason for suspicion. The adenoviruses were found in many patients with this new type of hepatitis. The trick is that this disease was never categorised as critical and never led to a liver injury. There is only one assumption — we deal with the mutated adenovirus, which started affecting children selectively. Here comes the shocking explanation!

 In US, they killed children for the good of science

Let us recall the official implementation of the ADVANCE (Adenovirises as New Clinical Therapy) Programme in the EU. The same experiments were run in the US. Ostensibly used for the cancer treatment, the contageny and pathogeny of certain types of adenoviruses were purposely augmented. Like in the COVID case, they augmented those bat coronavirus parameters, which had not affected humans before. In all probability, they augmented the virulence to target the liver cells. If so, this is the reason why the new virus targets the liver of only children and young people. The virus may have been ‘taught’ to dodge immunity and propagate itself in quickly growing cancer cells. The cells of children and young people grow quickly, too, and the virus sees no difference between a healthy or ill organism as the main criteria for an attack is a quick cell growth. At the same time, we cannot eliminate either a leakage or a premeditated spreading of the modified virus to trigger a pandemic and get big government contracts for the vaccine and related therapies.

Much worse. Someone in the West sees this as a biological weapon targeted at children. This is the reason for the maximum number of the infection cases in the US and UK. These countries run the largest-scale biological experiments. Or maybe they just overdid it… These modified adenoviruses may take place of a source for a new pandemic with the US and UK writing this off to the nature.

As regards COVID-Omicron as a source of the paediatric hepatitis, there are some arguments for this assumption, too. Considering that COVID-19 itself and its Omicron variant are purely US-made lab products, this is probable that this variant has been updated to affect a child liver.

The assumption that the new hepatitis is the result of the vaccination should not be dismissed. Ostensibly, some of the affected children were not vaccinated. Whether it’s true or not is a big question. Maybe pharma giants just block such information for avoidance of legal actions against them. No doubt of it, the Western mRNA Pfizer and Moderna vaccines present hazards to human body genetics as these roughly intrude the human genome to block the route of infection for the virus whilst destroying the human protein maturation mechanism.

Dr. Kroogman is an American Mengele

In the American history of experiments on humans, there is one very scandalous and extremely hazardous medical experiment with very hard consequences. This is a premeditated infection of dozens of children with a deadly hepatitis in search of a vaccine against it. The state-supported Willowbrook School on Staten Island in New-York was an orphanage for for children and adults with serious development disorders. This orphanage was the only option for children with heavy disabilities and had a long waiting list. In order to enter a child into that institution, parents had go give their clearance for medical experiments on their child. No one was informed about possible consequences. These criminal experiments were approved by New-York Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and by the Armed Forces Epidemiological Board headed by the Chief Military Surgeon. This was part of the warfare programme on the hepatitis virus as a biological weapon.

This Programme was under way 1955 through 1972. Dr. Saul Kroogman, former US Air Force doctor, played the role of ‘Dr. Mengele’. He used his own deadly disease study method. He purposely infected children with hepatitis either by injections or by giving them chocolate milk mixed with the infected childrens’ faeces. Next came the experiments themselves where medications and their formulations were selected at random to see if something worked out.

There is no knowing how many children fell victim to Dr. Kroogman's ill-doing.

This was a perfect testing range for the medical irresponsibility. This orphanage was designed for 4000 people with more than 6000 patients actually living there. Insanitation and mismanagement led to mass ingress of infection and many patients died of inhuman treatment and no therapy. In all probability, the Dr. Kroogman method sometimes failed. In 1995, after numerous complaints by the parents of the young and helpless patients, Robert Kennedy, New-York Senator, came over to Willowbrook. To put it mildly, he was shocked with what he saw. When he spoke in Congress on the results of his infection of this orphanage, he said, ‘Those in the Willowbrook cells were deprived of of their civil liberties. This is an asylum’.

The children who recovered were infected again for the human immunity limit studies. In other words, this was the premeditated murder of children ‘for the good of science” with no hope for recovery. At the same time, the poor children were left no chance to complain. Who would believe the mentally disabled? Dr. Kroogman published his winning results in the prestigious journals like Lancet, New England Journal of Medicine and Journal of the American Medical Association. And he buried the non-winning results in the ground. There is no knowing how many victims he had his hands on. Later on, the mentioned publishers made their apologies for ‘unethical Kroogman publications’. This is appropriate to recall that 1930 through the end of WW2, the Japanese sadist doctors also contributed to these journals on the results of their inhumane experiments on the captives of Squad-731. And this was the norm…