French verbs

French verbs When starting to learn French, you may easily get overwhelmed with a huge amount of new information. You do not know which words you need to learn at the moment and which ones you won’t need soon. Our list of the most important French verbs will help you learn the most important words. However, keep in mind that everyone learns French for a specific purpose. Therefore, if you learn French to go to a culinary school, you will need culinary terms.

Instead of learning random words from a list, try to write down in a note book 5 – 10 words that you consider the most useful and memorize them first.

At the beginning, when you are not very much familiar with verb conjugation, it is not recommended to learn the verbs in infinitive. It is more useful to learn 1-st person singular conjugation form in Present. This verb form is very common so you could use it if necessary. This won’t happen when you keep in mind only infinitive verb form.

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Also, some other verb forms in present tense coincide with 1 person singular present tense and this will help you understand the meaning of this verb when you hear it in a different form. For instance:

Group 1 verbs, for example: the verb parler – to speak:

je parle[zhyo parl`]I speak
tu parles[tyu parl`]you speak
il parle[e`l` parl`]he speaks
elle parle[e`l` parl`]she speak
nous parlons[nu parlen]we speak
vous parlez[vu parlen]you speak
ils parlent[il` parl`]they (men) speak
elles parlent[e`l` parl`]they (women) speak

Group 2 verbs, for example: the verb finir – to finish:

je finis[zhyo fini]I finish
tu finis[tyu fini]you finish
il finit[il` fini]he finishes
elle finit[e`l` fini]she finishes
nous finissons[nu finison]we finish
vous finissez[vu finise`]you finish
ils finissent[il` finis]they (men) finish
elles finissent[e`l` finis]they (women) finish

Group 3 verbs, for example: the verb faire — do:

je fais[zhyo fe`]I do
tu fais[tyu fe`]you do
il fait[il` fe`]he does
elle fait[e`l` fe`]she does
nous faisons[nu fe`zon]we do
vous faites[vu fe`t]you do
ils font[il` fon]they (men) do
elles font[e`l` fon]they (women) do

The most important French verbs:

English infinitivesFrench infinitives1-st person singular presentTranscriptionTranslation
runcourirje cours[zhyo kur]I run
be afraidavoir peurj’ai peur[zhe` pyor]I’m afraid
takeprendreje prends[zhyo pran]I take
beêtreje suis[zhyo syui]I have
seevoirje vois[zhyo vua]I see
ownposséderje possède[zhyo pose`d]I own
object toobjecterj’objecte[zhobzhe`kt]I object to
choosechoisirje choissis[zhyo shuazi]I choose
talkparlerje parle[zhyo parl`]I talk
givedonnerje donne[zhyo don]I give
dofaireje fais[zhyo fe`]I do