Colouring books for Russian language learners

Here, I have uploaded free colouring books for Russian learners, both children and adults. These picture colouring books suit preschool children, as well, including toddlers. Some of the books contain various tasks for unsupervised work. In this section, you will also find a colouring book with Russian words.

What are these books for? Of course, for learning a foreign language, pleasant pastime and stress relief.

I also recommend to have a look here: Russian audio course.

You can download colouring books for Russian learners in pdf free of charge and print them out. You can do that further below. Some of the colouring books are presented in jpg and png formats. They are downloaded from my website and via a direct link, i. e. not through a torrent site or Google Drive.

See example

Colouring books for Russian language learners

Download and print out

Jpg format: download archive.